What is GDPR?

In the area of personal data protection there has been a radical change since 25.5.2018 when came into effect the European”General Regulation on protection of personal data” (General Data Protection Regulation = GDPR). All subjects who work with personal data had to be adapted to the rules of data protection according to this new European regulation. Every natural person is a holder of the personal data. Everyone who possesses them, collect them, has access to or is evaluates them, it is either the data controller or processor of the personal data of the concerned individuals. In principle every businessman (regardless of whether it is a natural or legal person) and also a public authority has significant obligations for administration, disposition and handling of personal data (e.g. their clients, employees, external partners, etc.).

In the area of personal data protection there are many related aspects of privacy,particularly ePrivacy a and cyber security.Area of personal data protection (and its related areas) is still going through very fundamental changes. For non-respect of GDPR will be impose unprecedentedly high fines (up to EUR 20 million or 4% of the worldwide turnover of the obliged entity – fine will be always impose in the higher option).

Our law office has been dealing with GDPR issues and principles for a long time. We have prepared for you a wide range of services from fundamentals GDPR and requirements that in the field of the personal data protection will be newly placed. Next we will prepare for you training how to handle personal data in accordance with GDPR.

We are ready to implement GDPR tailored to your company.

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