Insolvency administrator

JUDr. Jiří Vlasák is from the date of 27.10.2014 the person authorized to perform the duties of the insolvency administrator. He is also the holder of the security clearances granted by the National Security Authority and a member of the Association of insolvency administrators (ASIS).

For the basic point for his performance of the insolvency administrator considers the basic values of the Insolvency Act. This is essentially a rational and fair access to all stakeholders in insolvency proceedings, the speed and efficiency of the procedure of the insolvency administrator and in particular also achieving the highest degree of satisfaction of the creditors.

In the exercise of his function JUDr. Jiří Vlasák can lean on a wide team of professionals who are specialists in the fields of law, economics, taxes, bargaining, administrative activities, realization of auctions or real estate activities.

He is deeply convinced of the fact that insolvency proceedings may be brought to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

JUDr. Jiří Vlasák is the insolvency administrator and also the advertised companion of ISALIS v.o.s.

Contact information
tel: +420 296 789 789
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