Medical law

Medical law is one of the most challenging areas of law, because when it is applied, we need significantly more than “just” perfect knowledge of law. Inextricably belong to this area of law emotions, adequate orientation in the related fields of medical science and practice and high empathy rate.

Our clients in this area are not only doctors, health facilities or health insure companies, but also patients who usually have serious health complications or suffer from injuries or illnesses. We also deal with the legal affairs of clients who face an extremely difficult personal situation related to the death of their loved ones.

In this area of law, of course, we work closely together not only with top experts from the ranks of doctors and forensic experts, who provide us with necessary advice, analyzes and opinions regarding the medical aspects of our client’s stories.

In the area of medical law we offer to you:

Complex legal service but also even partial acts (decisive are wishes of the client and the type and circumstances of the individual case), especially::
Legal analyses on possible liability of doctors and health service providers for harm to patients, so called "non lege artis" procedure Legal representation in disputes between doctors, health facilities or health insurance companies and patients in out-of-court and court proceedings, including representation of the injured in criminal proceedings Legal consultation on the rights of patients as well as doctors, health facilities and health insurance companies Assessment of personal injury liability assumptions (including related claims and support in determining the extent of damages), including subsequent claims against doctors, health facilities, health insurance companies or the state Addressing the misconduct of health facilities and doctors in relation to healthcare provision

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