I started my career as a lawyer immediately after graduating from the Law Faculty and soon after in 2010 I passed lawyer exam and started to build my own law firm. Currently I am the managing partner of AK Vlasák attorneys s.r.o. and also the insolvency administrator.

I am responsible for running of the law firm as well as the office of the insolvency administrator, which is part of the law office. I think rationally and I am aware that each of us is and must be substitutable. I therefore pay close attention to choosing and continuing the professional and personal development of all colleagues so that they create an excellent, reliable and highly capable team. The constantly expanding team of our office is built consistently on the principle of mutual substitutability for the benefit of the client.

„I don’t create a cult of personality, I fully trust my capable and strong team."

I started my career in the field of advocacy during my studies at the Law Faculty. At that time I worked in several law offices in adequate postitions with gradual career growth. I joined to law firm AK Vlasák attorneys s.r.o. in 2010.

In the law firm AK Vlasák attorneys s.r.o. I currently lead a team of professionals engaged in providing complex legal services to all external clients. In our legal practice, we place emphasis on the excellent and holistic care of the client.


In the practical world of law and law sciences I have been moving since 2011 when I (during my studies at university) started work in a law firm focused on domestic and foreign clients. In the law office AK Vlasák attorneys s.r.o. I can fully use of all my experience so far, especially in the areas of insolvency, business law and the representation clients in court and other proceedings. My hobby is financial law – especially banking.

My main strengths are determination and ability to find solutions even in a seemingly unsolvable situation. That is why my legal advice is sought not only by the clients of our law firm but also by our business partners. Of course there is for me a comprehensive cooperation within the narrower or wider team including the management of individual projects. I do not take responsibility as a burden but a natural part of the job. Clients usually appreciate the professional, material and creative approach as well as the ability to anticipate the following things and give them a free and qualified choices.


I graduated from the Faculty of Law at the beginning of 2015, I have been in the advocacy since my student years, namely since 2011. To the law firm AK Vlasák attorneys s.r.o. I joined at the beginning of the year 2014, I remained faithful during the whole clerkship and currently I work here as a cooperating attorney.

From the beginning of my work I focus on general legal practice with an emphasis on civil, commercial and real estate law. Over the course of time I have also begun intensively deal with the protection of personal data, IT law and defense in criminal proceedings.

As a of course matter I consider continuous self-education in the field of law as such and in the fields of advocacy closely related, especially psychology and communication. This, in combination with the analytical and system thinking skills, orientation to target and feeling for the client’s needs, helps me to find the ideal solution in very complicated situations.

To the law firm AK Vlasák attorneys s.r.o. I joined already during my studies in the year 2014. With regard to the possibility of a continuous career growth I greatly appreciated the possibility to stay there even after completing studies at the Faculty of Law.

In the law firm AK Vlasák attorneys s.r.o. I focus on providing complex legal services to our clients, especially with a focus the areas of dispute resolution, insolvency law, contract law and real estate law. But I take care of clients and their interests with the utmost care and commitment regardless of the sector in which the client needs help. Also I actively participate on the performance of the duties of the insolvency administrator ISALIS v.o.s.

In the provision of legal assistance to our clients is for me in the first place always the absolute professionalism and loyalty. I very appreciate the opportunity to constantly expand my horizons. Analytical and critical thinking in conjunction with customer orientation makes it possible to find a way to solve often very complicated cases.

In 2011 I started with unfolding “twisted” paragraphs in practice after I completed my studies at the Law Faculty of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. During my legal practice I worked in law firm with a general scope focusing on general practice. I also worked as a lawyer of the city (municipality) with extended powers, I was able to look from the position of a lawyer of the Ministry for Regional Development of the Czech Republic and lawyer of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic into the legislative process. I have extensive experience as a corporate lawyer in a group of major engineering companies where I have gained valuable experience in compliance, as well as legal issues related to corporate governance.

At the law firm AK Vlasák attorney s.r.o. I joined at the beginning of the year 2018 and I specialize in particular in the area of insolvency law. In the field of law it is always important to me to make law understandable to the addressees who do not know the law and I try to find a way where it seems there is no way or is it very difficult.

I consider to be essential when I dealing with legal issues to understand the circumstances and specifics of individual cases as a whole in a broader context.

Part of the team of AK Vlasák attorneys s.r.o. I became at the beginning of 2018. In my practice I focus on providing comprehensive legal advice.

I have gained professional experience during my studies at the law faculty when I was involved in providing legal services to clients in law firms. Furthermore I have gained professional experience in company dedicated to debt relief. I was also part of a legal team at the largest health insurance company where I gained experience in the field of healthcare law.

As part of my day-to-day profession activities I have opportunity to infiltrate into many legal branches, paying particular attention to civil law, commercial law, criminal law and health care law.

Providing legal services is not just finding legal solutions to problems because there are always more solutions and not only one. What matters is the ability to choose the most appropriate and right solution for the client. In providing legal services I look for an individual, open and comprehensive approach to each client and his case. I fully appreciate the diversity of each case and accordingly I always choose a unique approach to solve it.

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