The client and the lawyer are always partners. That is why our remuneration must reflect the possibilities and needs of both the lawyer and the client.

We always try to arrange the remuneration for our law firm for the provision of legal services in order to meet the needs of the client as much as possible, taking into account the professional and time requirements of each case. Therefore, we offer our clients several ways the contractual remuneration:

Hourly remuneration – i.e. the amount based on worked time. For maximum comfort of the client we charge hourly rate after quarter-hours. -Flat- rate remuneration – consists of a fixed monthly amount including a certain range of activities or a certain amount of time spent. This variant of the remuneration is more advantageous for those clients whose cases are time-consuming or more demanding or for clients whose are interested in continuous care.
The remuneration of the success fee – this remuneration represents the percentage of the recovered fulfillment. Most often this option is combined with an hourly rate which is advantageous for these cases.
Within each of the variants the client is continuously supplied with a detailed overview of the work done and the time spent so the client knows exactly what we have done in the case. The charged remuneration is fully transparent and mutually understandable.

The remuneration to law firm does not include so-called cash outlays that are invoiced separately to the client. These are in particular: court or administrative fees, travel expenses, expert appraisal costs, etc. To the each way of the remuneration we are obligated to charge VAT at the rate according to the legislation in force

In cases where there is no agreement on contractual remuneration (in particular cases of ex offo or appointed legal counsel by a court), the method and amount of billing is governed by the so-called Advocacy tariff (Decree of the Ministry of Justice No. 177/1996 Coll.)

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